Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Friends rock

I'm getting lots of support from all over, and I love it. Thanks everyone! Yesterday was pretty rough, but GF took me to a basketball game and I yelled till I was hoarse. And I also cheered the game.

Had two conversations with friends who made me feel better. One was with a friend who just felt angry for me. Everyone needs a friend like that sometimes: no wrangling or reasoning; just pure loyalty.

The other conversation was with a friend who was a lawyer before she became an English professor. She said I was overtrained in reading and writing and I just needed to learn to take law school exams. I asked her if I was doing the wrong thing going to law schooland she said absolutely not, which since she is pretty pragmatic about the suckyness of most jobs, including lawyering and professorializing, I appreciated. Also she could care less about grades of any kind, which I also like.

GF has been amazing. After freaking out for less than ten whole minutes, she pulled an about face and kicked into super-support mode. Last night I tossed and turned with worry but tonight will be better.

And you friends reading out there are awesome. Thanks for writing nice things.

Time to regroup. I'm trying not to dread the semester, and you all cheered me up. Thanks!


lucyrain said...

That's my S.

What Now? said...

Interesting to hear this advice from your English prof/lawyer friend -- much along the lines of what lucyrain was saying about her friend in her comment on your last post.

I'm curious -- has your law school included explicit discussion of how one "should" read and write in law school? I'm wondering how it is that students learn these conventions, but I'm also recognizing that my grad school didn't really do this even for those students who didn't come in with a BA in English. Is it that people who are immersed in the discipline don't really recognize their own specific writing conventions and think of them as somehow "natural" or "obvious"? Or is it that most folks aren't great at teaching writing? Or is all of this part of that sink-or-swim of law school?

Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better (ah, the therapeutic value of sports!). Chin up for the next semester -- after all, tomorrow is another day!