Friday, December 16, 2005

Slam Dunk Santa

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Here's the Santa at the top of our tree. We got it last year in part because gf loves women's basketball so much. Especially Pat Summit's Lady Vols.

This year there are at least four reasons to be happy about Santa's slam dunk.

1. Rene Portland is finally going to get hers. ESPN's web site is covering the story of Portland's long reign of hate, and this coverage is going to reveal, even to Portland, that the times have at last caught up with her. She can't wreck any more young lives just because she thinks players might be lesbians. She can't take away their scholarships, chance to play college ball, chance at a career in women's sports, or chance, even more simply, to get a college education. Even if it isn't yet ready to grant queer people their full rights, America doesn't support this kind of discrimination anymore. Score!

2. I got an MLA interview. It's only one, but since I'm not anywhere near a beginning Assistant Professor, and since there were only three Advanced/Associate jobs out there this year in my field, I'm pretty psyched that I got an interview at one of them. Score!

3. I got my first law school acceptance of the year today. Score!

4. What Now got tenure. It's true that her president gave her tenure then asked her to resign from her Catholic school in the next breath, but she should get to savor her victory, at least for today. Score!

Finally, for the anonymous commenter who wanted to see the snow out my livingroom window, this picture below is for you. Happy Holidays!
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dr. m(mmm) aka The Notorious P.H.D. said...

many congrats and nods of solidarity!

What Now? said...

Thanks for the support and the kind words. And congrats on the law school acceptance and the MLA interview!

I'm going to be at MLA also. I know that the conference is wall-to-wall insanity, but do you want to get together and grab coffee at some point? (Well, actually I hate coffee, but I could have a diet Coke or something.)

Sfrajett said...

Absolutely. Let's! Email me at and I'll give you my cell number and we can hook up for a bev.

Winter said...

Congrats on the interviews.

Pronoia said...

Congratulations on the interview and the admission! Yay for opportunity!

lucyrain said...

I'm sorry this is so late coming, but heartiest congratulations, S. Soon you'll have so many open doors, you're biggest problem will be picking one to waltz on through. You richly deserve every one of them.

Warmest wishes this holiday season.

diva said...

so nice to see the chicago weather. i miss the snow.