Friday, April 13, 2007

oh hillary.

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They put a college picture of you in striped pants on the front page of the New York Times. How young you were. How earnest. Nerdy and completely adorable.

Did you believe what you said in those days? Oh, yeah. Did you cry in your car when they read the names of the dead on the radio? Could you believe they still played where have all the flowers gone as a protest song, even when your husband was running for governor? I thought that song was so lame when I was growing up, because it just went on and on. Oh yeah. Now, of course, it makes me cry.

Did you think when he deployed troops to Afganistan that maybe we were repeating some pattern . . .that felt . . .vaguely . . . familiar? And when you voted on Iraq, was there anywhere in you the tiniest twinge of conscience? When they asked you about gay people, did you have an answer? No. Oh Yeah. Do you think you'll reverse your husband's policy of don't ask, don't tell? Oh yeah. No. And woman in the military? Women? And Gays? Gays? And the military? What?

Hillary, will you stand by us?

Are there any issues that aren't purely politics for you? What happened to that girl who wore striped pants and opposed the Vietnam war? Do you have her contact information?


Cause I think I'd like to vote for her. You, though, I'm not so sure about.


slantgirl said...

this reminds me of phranc's song about condoleeza rice!

Weezy said...

I hear you on this one. Funny story-- last big interview was with queen dyke close to her. (you will have to shoulder alot of the burden when she starts running, as I will be active in the campaign...) Wonder what her tune is now....

Elizabeth McClung said...

I watch with interest, to see if US politics can make the little movements which it has so far avoided: either a white female leader or a male non-white leader - both must be Christian and married and hetero of course.

It is an interesting picture and reminds me of Trudeau as Prime Minister solving the generation gap by marrying one of them - get's married to a protestor and then sends tanks to the streets of Quebec. Sorry, that was a bit Canadian non-sequitor - still waiting for the liberal Prime Minster who will take a gay lover.