Friday, January 06, 2006

The Four Things Meme

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Ok Dr M(eme), here's the Four Things you Tagged me for. Though it's gonna be hard to match a guy who lists a Big Wheel as one of his four vehicles.


Four Jobs I've Had

1. Washing dishes in a restaurant where the cooks thought it was fun to bowl pots and trays of dishes down the entire length of the back kitchen at my feet, making me jump over them. The game was called "bowl-a-rama." I was 12.

2. Refinishing antique furniture. The worst part was working with stripping chemicals. The best part was the two gay guys I worked for, who made me lunch on the weekends I worked there. Also listening to Metropolitan Opera Broadcasts. I was 15.

3. Working as a clerk in a general store in New Hampshire. Locals, tourists, and summer campers stopped in regularly to buy beer, cigarettes, newspapers, and sandwiches, among other things. The clerks hung out and partied after work. One summer Henry Fonda picked up his New York Times there every morning when they were filming On Golden Pond. I never saw him because his wife got the paper, but I used to write "Hank" across the top instead of his full name, which I thought was hilarious. I was 16.

4. Working at a group home in New Jersey for developmentally disabled adults in wheelchairs. They were fun people, and the staff cameraderie was pretty nice. The whole place had ramps everywhere. When the President signed the Americans with Disabilities Act, we took a big field trip to a park to celebrate their getting access to it. I was in grad school (27).

Four Movies I Can Watch Over and Over

1. The Celluloid Closet
2. Queen Christina
3. Gone With The Wind
4. The Wizard of Oz

Four Places I've Lived

1. Center Harbor, NH
2. State College, PA
3. Lambertville, NJ
4. Miami, FL

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch

1. The Daily Show
2. Medium
3. The "L" Word
4. Battlestar Galactica

Four Places I've Been on Vacation

1. Provincetown, MA
2. Austin, TX
3. Paris
4. Napa Valley

Four Blogs You Visit Daily

1. kinesthesis breakthrough
2. between an oxymoron and a redundancy
3. what now?
4. writing as jo(e)

Four of Your Favorite Foods

1. Tom Kha soup
2. pot roast
3. salmon
4. caesar salad

Four Places You'd Rather Be

1. someplace warm and tropical
2. New Hampshire
3. in a bar
4. Napa, on a bike

Four Albums You Can't Live Without

1. Joni Mitchell, Hejira
2. Jefferson Airplane, Volunteers
3. Dionne Warwick, The Dionne Warwick Collection
4. Bach, Goldberg Variations (Glenn Gould)

Four Vehicles I've Owned

1. A 15 year old, 15.2 hand bay 1/2 Thoroughbred, 1/2 Quarter Horse ex-barrel racer with a white boomerang on his forehead named, naturally, Boomer. He cost 150 dollars and I bought him with babysitting money.

2. A 6 year old, 16.2 hand chestnut Thoroughbred ex-race horse named Navy Pennant, supposedly from the War Admiral line, who didn't know how to do anything but gallop and who you could never, never tie to anything. I bought him dirt cheap (because he was nuts) and worked with his traumatized self for a couple of years before I went to college, when I had to sell him. Watching the trailer go down the road with his chestnut tail hanging out the back, I wept.

3. 1984 Rabbit Sport (black, the moonroof rolled back by hand crank)
4. 1982 Volvo DL Sedan (red, rusty, beloved) named Wilma. I suspect she was pure Bondo.

Four taggees

1. Margo, Darling
2. What Now?
3. pronoia
4. winter woods


dr. m(mmm) aka The Notorious P.H.D. said...

I've simply owned so few vehicles that I had to dig deep into my past possessions to get up to 4. The only time I owned a car was for 4 years from 92-96, but I didn't drive it for the last 2 because insurance was more expensive than the car.

Jimmy said...

1 - I agree with Volunteers
2 - Robbin's was a unique time and place
3 - I still miss Boomer

Sfrajett said...

Jimmy, if I could I think I would come home and open up another Robbin's. Then my teenage employees could "borrow" cases of beer, and my hygenically-challenged managers could leave ashtrays in the safe and ashes in the sandwiches. I didn't make it home for Christmas or Thanksgiving, Jimbo, but as soon as I'm home, I call ya and we'll hit the Corner House for Bloody Marys.

Winter said...

I too could watch the Celluloid Closet repeatedly. I'll have a go at this meme.