Sunday, September 18, 2005

Happy 100th Birthday Greta Garbo

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It's time to remember one of the most beautiful Virgos of all time--and one of the most beautiful lesbians EVER. Greta Garbo was born exactly one hundred years ago today, and I have to say, the world is a brighter place for her having appeared in it. I don't swoon over many movie icons, past or present, but Garbo caught my imagination when I was still a teenager, and when I finally saw her in Queen Christina, I thought my heart would break. Watching her cool beauty melt makes it hard to breathe. Once you've seen that magnificent face, how can you admire any other actress half so much? Happy Birthday, Greta wherever you are. Your beauty is timeless.


Camicao said...

I didn't know she was a lesbian. Was it widely known in hollywood?

Sfrajett said...

Well, she had boys and girls, and of course played up the boys for publicity, but was most famously with Mercedes De Costa, who Garbo stopped speaking to when she published a picture of Garbo hiking topless. Later De Costa, who was broke, threatened to publish Garbo's love letters to her if she didn't give her money, but Garbo never paid and the love letters were shown by museums. A Swedish bio that aired the other night on TMC included De Costa among Garbo's lovers, and described how when they met they immediately went to a hotel, got a private room, and danced together to a phonograph all night. If you google Mercedes De Costa you'll get references to her relationship with Garbo. A wonderful gossipy book called The Sewing Circle, which is all about Hollywood lesbians, maintains that Garbo liked the ladies. As did Miss Barbara Stanwyck, and lots of others!

Scott Lord said...


Greta Garbo

Scott Lord said...

Thanks. Please revisit my writing on Greta Garbo.

Greta Garbo