Monday, March 14, 2005

Prof. Dirty Lesbian

Just in case you're wondering whether or not a climate of intolerance is alive and well on our campuses, I have two gems to report today live from my University. The first is graffiti scrawled on a picture on my door of George Bush. The picture was given to me by a student. Below the picture is a close-up of the ring on his finger, which is a picture of the ring from the Lord of the Rings. Underneath the ring is the slogan, "Frodo has Failed." You may have seen this circulating on the internet last year. I believe it is supposed to be funny. This weekend someone drew a halo on Bush and scrawled the words "Prof. Dirty Lesbian" underneath his picture. I'm not sure whether or not this means Bush is indeed a professional dirty lesbian, or whether some Republican out there is objecting to my hygiene. But I would like to ask, is this much different from a swastika?

Second, a senior faculty member in the Gender and Women's Studies program here asked a graduate student getting advice about a Queer Theory orals reading list, "How do you expect to get a job?"

That's all for today. More hilarity will surely follow!!!!

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dr. m(mmm) aka The Notorious P.H.D. said...

by the way, you have one of the best profile descriptions I've seen.

Good thing students are so unoriginal in their "slams." Lanced again by their mordant wit, dirty lesbian.